It’s been a busy few months for the founders of newly established subsea integrity consultancy 1CSI, and we’re delighted to now officially launch the consultancy from our Aberdeen base.
So, it’s a very warm hello from 1CSI!
Who Are We?
1CSI is a subsea integrity consultancy, established to provide realistic and trustworthy solutions to subsea challenges. These challenges encompass a broad range from fit-for-purpose assessments of deep water flexible risers through inspection of concrete coated subsea pipelines to ROV deployed examination of subsea welds inside offshore wind turbine monopiles.
It’s no secret that our industry is emerging from one of the most challenging periods in its history. We’re an example of a start-up company, backed by sound and extensive experience, which offers a way to increase operational efficiencies in line with the new oil price.
By aligning ourselves to these new norms and the corresponding price expectations, we offer elite services and products, which reduce time and cost.
The Founders
Matthew Kennedy, CSI’s CEO holds over 30 years of experience within the energy, nuclear, renewable and subsea integrity industries. Most recently working at Oceaneering, for the past ten years, he has delivered exceptional solutions for projects around the world.
He’s known for his successful design and development of an ROV deployed, subsea ultrasonic inspection tooling and being at the helm of innovative subsea inspection applications – from the initial stages to delivery.
It’s with this knowledge and expertise that Matthew jointly established 1CSI.

Aleksandra Tomaszek is the consultancy’s Operations Director and has been working in the oil and gas sector since she achieved her MBA in 2011.
Aleksandra is known for her approach to quality process, team leadership and support for her personnel’s career development.
An exceptional project manager, she has proven her ability to design, deliver and implement projects on a global scale time and time again – always enhancing efficiency and reducing costs.
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Best wishes,
The 1CSI team.