Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing for the next generation – TIAMAT Previewed by Net Zero Technology Centre (NZTC) ‘Technology In Play Today’.

The launch of our new Ultrasonic Testing technology is fast approaching, and we are delighted to offer a sneak peek, courtesy of the NZTC’s Technology in Play Today video series.

A next-generation alternative to traditional ultrasonic inspection techniques, TIAMATTM is a portable, compact, easy to deploy non-destructive testing (NDT) system. The tool has been developed to provide reliable, multi-phase ultrasonic subsea inspection and to increase the quantity and quality of inspection data collected.

High Performance Inspection Technology, Easy to Deploy

Deliverable from any size of ROV, TIAMATTM can detect wall thickness, cracks, and flaws on complex subsea infrastructure without requiring specialist vessel support or multiple deployments.

The innovative design of the tool enables access and inspection of areas previously not possible, with patented transducer housing that can move from flat to curved structures without having to be retrieved and redeployed.

Faster Subsea Inspection with Multi Phase Ultrasonics

TIAMATTM can inspect subsea structures 200 times faster than traditional methods. In a single pass, the tool significantly boosts the quantity of data gathered, and reduces inspection duration, as well as the emissions produced as a result. Our innovative system can reduce operational and deployment costs by up to 55% per campaign.

Supported by NZTC

1CSI’s TIAMATTM system was selected to feature in the NZTC ‘nine before 09’ event in February 2021 and in the Virtual Technology Showcase in March. During the development and build of TIAMATTM, NZTC has been a key supporter for 1CSI, not just with funding, but with invaluable account management support and advice.

Faster, lower emission, better quality inspection on your assets with TIAMATTM

TIAMATTM will launch later this year. For more information on 1CSI services, or to discuss a demonstration of the technology, please contact Richard Gibson at

Watch this space for further announcements!