Recently, the 1CSI team was delighted to feature in the Maxon regional and Global blogs. Maxon built the the depth-rated high-precision motors used by our flagship subsea inspection system, TIAMAT.

Our next-generation alternative to traditional ultrasonic inspection techniques, TIAMAT is a portable, compact, easy to deploy system, developed to provide reliable, multi-phase array ultrasonic subsea inspection. From the beginning, we have focused on increasing the quantity and quality of inspection data collected on a normal run. For a sneak peek at TIAMAT in action, read our blog post from 2021 or visit the NZTC YouTube channel.

Smooth, frictionless motion

Maxon has provided precision DC micro motors since 1961, powering ‘humanoid robots and in high-precision industrial applications, in tattoo machines, passenger aircraft, camera lenses, race cars, and cardiac pumps’.

In the interview, Matthew Kennedy, CEO of 1CSI Ltd said: “The motors are absolutely crucial, because scanning demands smooth, frictionless motion… While the phased array transducers are collecting data, movement of the carriage needs to be seamless and repeatable, including when scanning a changing diameter asset. We chose maxon because their motors give us the precision we need.”

Maxon zooms in on the benefits of ROV inspections

In their blog, the Maxon team explore the world of subsea inspections and how micro motors are supporting the next generation of ROV instection systems; “From oil & gas installations to submarines, structures operating in deep sea conditions need regular inspection. Remote operated vehicles (ROVs) make this process much safer and less expensive, and they rely on scanning technology, which is crucial to data collection. Precise motion control is helping… achieve highly accurate inspection with the fastest-yet speeds of data collection.”

If you’d like to read the Maxon blog post in full, visit their website here.