Cost effective solutions
for all your subsea integrity requirements

How We Optimise Your Business

The oil and gas industry is changing. The new oil price environment requires innovative ideas and approaches - it’s with this mindset 1CSI was established.

1CSI provides an elite project management service to meet the subsea integrity requirements of its varied global client base. Through the deployment of innovative and cost effective subsea integrity solutions the team brings focus, assurance and efficiency to projects, ultimately saving the owner/operator time and money.

Global Experience

The team has extensive experience in project delivery around the world including: Australia, Malaysia, West Africa, Middle East, North Sea, North Africa, North America, Latin America as well as operating from oil platforms, rigs, FPSOs and support vessels.

Complete solution

Through direct key strategic alliances, as well as our extensive network of experienced industry associates, we can tailor our core offering to provide a full range of technical, economic, business and strategic advice to clients.


The nature of 1CSI’s consultancy business relies on an extensive network and personal contact information. As owners of 1CSI we take data protection very seriously and always keep our contact information secure. 1CSI shall not share any personal information without the agreement of the individual whether within or outside the EU. We are happy to be contacted by anyone who believes some or any of their personal data may be held by 1CSI Limited and to confirm the details held. If requested, we shall remove their details from our database.

The business cards of our contacts and other personal information are kept locked in a secure office. The data recorded on phones and laptops are password and fingerprint protected.