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At 1CSI, we really strive to innovate, support your subsea inspection scopes and optimise your subsea integrity management. We develop new technological solutions for existing applications as well as unexplored applications, always focused on delivering optimal results for each of our clients.

We are committed to finding and delivering the most innovative and cost-effective solution to manage the integrity of your subsea assets and infrastructure.

We work with key clients across the Oil and Gas, Renewables, and Defence sectors, providing solutions and best practise project management services that keep subsea assets running safely and efficiently, in line with regulatory code and best practise.

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Global Industry Experience

The 1CSI team has extensive experience in global project delivery, including Australia, Malaysia, West Africa, Middle East, North Sea, North Africa, North America, Latin America, operating from oil platforms, rigs, FPSOs and support vessels.

The team has worked across the Oil & Gas, Renewables and Defence sectors.

Complete Solution

Each subsea asset exists in a unique physical environment, presenting complex challenges for inspection and maintenance. Performance of these assets is intrinsically linked to your business outcomes and profits, so it is critical that they function well at every stage.

Through direct key strategic alliances, focus on innovative technologies, and an extensive network of experienced industry associates, we tailor our service for every project we undertake. We offer a full range of technical, economic, business and strategic advice to clients.

Recent News

Subsea Expo Awards Finalists 2022

Subsea Expo Awards Finalists 2022

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The nature of 1CSI’s consultancy business relies on an extensive network and personal contact information. As owners of 1CSI we take data protection very seriously and always keep our contact information secure. 1CSI shall not share any personal information without the agreement of the individual whether within or outside the EU. We are happy to be contacted by anyone who believes some or any of their personal data may be held by 1CSI Limited and to confirm the details held. If requested, we shall remove their details from our database.

The business cards of our contacts and other personal information are kept locked in a secure office. The data recorded on phones and laptops are password and fingerprint protected.